Author. Speaker. Presenter
I was born under the western zodiac of Gemini and the Eastern zodiac of the Rooster. I am a 31/4. I believe in the joy of life, the passion of love and the freedom of truth. I love dancing, entertaining, educating and anything that sparkles.

My life has been filled with elation, disappointment and sorrow. I’ve been a rule breaker, a whistle blower, a seeker of truth and a lover of it all, challenging my own limitations with a passion for love and living.

I began my career as a school teacher then followed my passion into the entertainment industry as a professional choreographer, director and dancer. Morphing into a stress and life skills therapist, motivational speaker, business consultant, radio & television celebrity, known as the Goddess of Love and a business owner, I am now inspired to return to two of my childhood loves; storytelling and writing.

Eager my fictional characters’ lives and my own experiences will connect with you; I hope you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I did writing them.

With Love
Romance Australia