Erotic Romance with a Higher Purpose

When Gold Coast based, erotic romance author, Diane Demetre answered the muse’s calling to write erotic romance, she decided to not only write love stories with a twist, but to also incorporate the divine feminine. You may ask, what is the divine feminine and how does anything remotely divine merge with hot, sweaty, get-down-and-dirty sex.

        Diane explains, "Having spent the past thirty years consciously growing on my spiritual journey through meditating, re-birthing, reiki and counselling clients as a stress and life skills therapist, I discovered that love, life and hot sex are not mutually exclusive. A person can enjoy a steamy, erotic, sex life and at the same time, be inspired to be a more loving and compassionate human being."

        "Sexuality and spirituality are not diametrically opposed. In fact, if more people connected with their spirituality, they would experience more fulfilling relationships, both with themselves and others, platonically and sexually."

Dancing Queen, Book One of the Dance of Love trilogy follows the erotic adventures of a recently divorced forty-two year old ex-dancer from the Moulin Rouge, Michele Johnston. Having a woman in her forties going on a sexual adventure is different to the usual erotic romance heroine.

        "I couldn’t refute the muse – this was the story that needed to be told. But I also wanted to write about empowered women who’d experienced love and life, not young girls who allow men to treat them badly. Michele is feisty, intelligent and strong-willed, as are her girlfriends. She is a survivor, yet also sensitive. She’s not looking for someone to save her, or to repair him. She wants an equal. They say forty is the new thirty. As women I think we should forget about trying to be a decade or more, younger. We need to be proud of our age. I know for a fact, a lot of women in their forties are having much better sex on their terms than they did in their thirties. For Michele and her friends in Dancing Queen, that is definitely the case."

The reader is taken on Michele’s highly erotic and emotionally challenging journey as she deals, not only with her awakening sexuality but with her sick mother, her girlfriends’ divergent lives and the mysterious two men who impact Michele’s life in powerful yet different ways. Throughout Michele’s exciting metamorphosis, other influences appear.

        "Each of us is like a diamond. We are multi-faceted and I wanted to include that richness of characterisation in Dancing Queen. For Michele, one of her facets is the goddess – that intuitive, unconditionally loving part of herself she has learned to trust as the still, small voice within. It is the goddess’s counsel Michele comes to rely upon. Then there is Michele’s sex goddess – who is far cheekier, with a wicked, forthright sense of humour. Her mission is to get Michele laid and learn to enjoy herself sexually. Both these facets of Michele are the divine feminine in expression and are critical to the story, its climax, the twist at the end and Michele’s long-term success."

You were known as the Goddess of Love years ago on syndicated radio and on the television program, Beauty and the Beast with Stan Zemanek and Doug Mulray. Did the advice you gave to listeners and viewers back then match with the advice the goddess gives Michele in Dancing Queen?

        "Yes, but the goddess’s advice in Dancing Queen is far more cryptic than mine was. So Michele struggles to understand the meaning of the messages she hears until the very end of the book. That’s the twist, which I hope my readers will enjoy."

In Dancing Queen your descriptions, particularly of the dancing and stripping sequences are very detailed and insightful. Their strong imagery really heightens the sex scenes, which also were very vivid in description. Your book has a 5 star heat rating. Obviously your intention was for the reader to have a cold shower afterwards.

        "Better if they found someone to act out the scenes with, but if a cold shower is the only option, well….. Having been a dancer, choreographer and director in the live entertainment industry, I wanted to incorporate the inherent freedom and sensuality of dance in Dancing Queen. In fact, the three books in the Dance of Love trilogy all have dancing at their core. The dancing adds another dimension to the characters and their sex-play. For me, there is nothing more arousing and fulfilling than dancing and performing for the man you love who appreciates your performance. And I wanted to gift this experience to my readers who may not have done it."

If you had to sum up Dancing Queen in one sentence, what would it be?

        "Nothing happens by accident. I never thought I’d write erotic romance but here I am. Most of us go through our lives doing things we perhaps never dreamed of, but in the end these experiences lead us to the destiny we set in place years before. Life has a strange way of working out and that is the truth Michele finally learns in Dancing Queen..."